Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica/ 30% Sativa

THC: 25% 70 Indica 30 sativa strains level of thc content. Golden State Banana is an unusual Indica leading crossbreed strain developed via going across the potent Ghost OG with the delicious Banana Kush.

If you’re trying to find a bud with a true banana taste sativa dominant hybrid. Then you have actually located it top 10 indica dominant strains! Golden State Banana fuses sweet bananas with tropical fruits and citrus for a mouthwatering flavor. The fragrance is earthy and pungent with a lemony overtone accentuated by exotic citrus and also natural herbs.

The Golden State Banana high is equally as addicting as the taste browser settings. With sedative impacts that are ideal for an after-work treat or for when sleep just will not come. The high begins 70 Indica 30 sativa strains with a blissful onset that loads your mind with a tingly raised sensation.

70 Sativa 30 Indica strains

This humming result will soon spread throughout the rest of your body in relaxing waves, lulling you right into a state of full calmness that is rather sleepy at times. Thanks to these impacts as well as its extremely high 25% + ordinary THC degree, Golden State Banana is said to be the ideal selection for treating conditions such as sleeping disorders, loss of appetite, persistent discomfort, and also persistent stress or anxiety.

This bud has cosy round minty green nugs with dark brownish-yellow hairs and an incredibly thick icy layer of intense white tiny crystal trichomes.