Blue Nerds Strain


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Nerdz (AKA: Nerds) by THC Design is a 50/50 Hybrid containing 19 – 24% THC. The effects of Blue Nerds made me happy and uplifted followed by a mellow calm. Nice looking buds are crocodile green with touches of raisin purple and orange pistils.

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 14% – 17%
Plant Type: Hybrid

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Blue Nerds Strain

Geeks are called “Nerdz strain,” mouthwatering sweet grape taste. Nerdz, aka nerds, also known as nerds, is a uniformly well-balanced crossbreed strain (50% Indica / 50% sativa). Happy uplifted followed by a mellow calm developed via going across the tasty Grape Ape X Strawberry Cough strain. If you’re searching for the best fruity taste, look no more, strawberry nerds strain. Nice looking buds are crocodile green with touches of raisin purple and orange pistils.

Balanced hybrid strain 50 Indica/50 sativa created Strawberry Nerds OG strain has whatever you require and extra. This infant loads a mouthwatering excellent grape preference with tips of abundant strawberries, and tree nerds strain fruits upon exhale.

Blue Nerdz Strain

The fragrance is significantly the same, with a somewhat spicier turn. White peach fuzz hair trichomes cover the buds, Amped up with the abundant planet and fresh, natural herbs. The strawberry Nerds strain high barks in practically as quickly as you breathe. Striking the mind and Zerbert strain remains there for HRS at a time. You’ll feel entirely blissful Strawberry Coughing with an overarching feeling of self-questioning that has you laser concentrated on points around you.

However, you cannot bring on discussions with Runtz OG, Strain anybody around you, or do anything physical in nature. Introspection that has oversized heavy bright neon green nugs with vivid purple undertones, rich amber hairs, and a coating of purple-tinted crystal trichomes

Strawberry nerds og strain

Geeks aren’t constantly vegan. However, they can be Blue Meanies Mushrooms Australia! You can purchase details tastes online, such as on Amazon. The only taste I can locate on Amazon that does not include Carmine is the Grape mini-boxes. The Strawberry geeks are the ones who contain the Carmine moderately high 14-17 average. At the same time, the grape geeks have two tinting representatives (blue and red 1/2). And also, therefore, the grape ones are Zerbert strain vegan, while the strawberry ones aren’t.

While I have never seen them marketed separately, Amped Apple & & Road Rash Raspberry must also be vegan as they do not have any red/pink pigments. They’re typically sold as packed with an additional Smarties strain taste containing Carmine, which isn’t vegan.

Effects blue nerds strain

With these results and its reasonably high nerds, OG strain 14-17% ordinary THC degree. Geeks are frequently picked to deal with problems such as Purple OG kush persistent stress and anxiety or stress and anxiety, PTSD, nausea or vomiting or cravings loss, as well as clinical depression or state of mind swings. This bud has big, intense, neon, eco-friendly nugs with dazzling purple touches—abundant brownish-yellow hairs and Peach Rings. Strain a layer of purple-tinted crystal trichomes.

This crossbreed combines hash and grapes that taste like Blue Dream Cartridge. With a tip from Strawberry Why Colorado Tokers Love Cookie and Cream post. Geeks might be an excellent selection for clients with anxiety and state-of-mind problems. Its light physical results might reduce some pains, discomforts, and nausea.

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