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What is California Honey Disposable Vape?

The California honey disposable vape is a Shenzhen Review Electronics Co. Product. Ltd. This company has six years of experience producing vape products like disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable e-cigarettes, CBD vape cartridges, and batteries.

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California honey disposable vape – 1g

Buy California Honey Disposable Vape, which is filled with our highest potency extract and the finest terpenes on the market. The CG Gold Standard cartridges carry a 9:1 distillate-to-flavor ratio. This extra strength option is available in 20 unique flavors and distinctly color-coded by the three strain categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.
The 9:1 oil is housed in a metal debris-free ceramic cartridge unlike any other in the market.
California Honey Vape is a brand of THC oil vape cartridges from California Honey House, such as ghost carts, that has gained popularity for its unique and flavorful strains.

The original California honey disposable vape review

The cartridges are made with high-quality distillate oil and natural terpenes, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.
The brand offers a variety of strains, including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, with delicious flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, and Watermelon.
California Honey Vape cartridges are known for their potency Tropical Punch Strain. They were providing a robust and long-lasting high. Overall, California Honey Vape is a trusted brand for those looking for a delicious and practical THC oil vaping experience.

California Honey Disposable Vape Pen Specification:

  • Oil Hole: 2.0MM x4
  • Colors: Black & White
  • Tank Capacity: 1G

This disposable vape has eight strains: ice cream cake, lemon haze, fruit punch, wedding cake, chemo, Georgia pie, Strawn Anna, super, and candy land. So, let’s cover some flavors in-depth.

The fruit punch is a mixture of tropical fruits, including mangoes and pineapples. Together with the additives, this strain has a sweet taste that will exhilarate your taste buds, similar to ghost carts. When you select this flavor, Honey Badger Extract, you are sure of the same taste from the first puff to the end. The owner of the one-up multiverse loves this flavor and orders them wholesale.

Ice Cream Cake: the Fruit Punch strain comprises vanilla ice cream, cake batter, and sweetener. All these ingredients are well blended to ensure the best and sweetest taste.

Lemon Haze: This flavor has a zingy taste due to the lemon that provides the fruit smell Contact.

Strawnanna: The strawnanna is a blend of strawberry, banana, and a hint of orange. They are well mixed to ensure a balance among all ingredients.

Georgia Pie: When you consider buying this Fruit Punch Strain flavor, you are sure of getting the taste of Kush mints and gelati. Therefore, vaping this strain of the original California disposable gives you a berry-like taste.

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Georgie Pie (I), Biscotti (H), Strawnana (H), Creamsicle (H), Chemlato (H), Purple Punch (I), Gelato (H), Ice Cream Cake (I), Sour Diesel (S), Wedding Cake (H)


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