Glookies Weed Strain

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This is gone along with a jungle cake strain expanding feeling of ecstasy. As well as the joy that fills up both body and mind with a warming result. Without creating any kind of sedation or stress and anxiety.

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Glookies weed Strain

First of all, Glookie strain is an uncommon a little Indica leading crossbreed strain created (20% Sativa/80% Indica) produced. Going via cross the notorious Girl Scout Cookies X Original Glue (AKA– Gorilla glue and thin Glue # 4) glookies strain. This celeb youngster is a person and also a dog breeder preferred glue and thin mint. Many thanks to its relatively remarkable mix of results from both of its moms and dad strain marvel studios.

The high yield cannabis strain beginnings with an analytical increase Animal Crackers Strain of raised creative thinking. And also inspiration thin mint girl scout barney farm. With loading you with the imaginative motivation that you gmo cookies require to handle any kind of job that you contend hand.

With these durable impacts and also its reasonably high 15-19%typical THC degree neon green. The Glookie strain claim to be best for dealing with those dealing with persistent discomfort. Also, glookies strain has sleeplessness, PTSD, alien cookies strain persistent tension or stress; And anxiety, and also Gorilla Glue ADD or ADHD growing conditions.

Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica/ 20% Sativa
THC level: 15% – 19%

The other Glookie strain has a wonderful nutty cookie taste with a chocolaty diesel overtone that remains long after your last exhale. The scent is of natural diesel as well as poignant delicious chocolate birthday cake strain. With a hot overtone that escalates as the nugs are busted apart dosi cake strains and also shed.

Most definitely, we have Glookies buds that have actually rounded intense neon eco-friendly nugs with dark olive fallen leaves, slim orange hairs. And also a finish of alien cookies strain little brownish-yellow crystal trichomes.

Glookies Strain

This impact will promptly end up being tingly prior to dropping you right into a state of entirely numb leisure that quickly infects your mind also. In mix with its high 18% ordinary THC degree berry white strain green nugs. These compelling impacts make Glookie strain excellent for dealing with problems such as persistent discomfort. Muscle mass convulsions, seizures, joint inflammation, and also fibromyalgia.

Finally, Glookie strain has a tasty spicy as well as sour fruity want taste. As well as a scent of organic planet highlighted by nutty timber and also a touch of skunk. This bud has long spade-shaped dark olive eco-friendly nugs with light brownish-yellow furry hairs. As well as a covering zookies strain of sporadic beefy crystal trichomes.

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    You feel the glue feeling no matter which pheno you have so it’s a solid strain and seeds are pricey for a reason, also the thc is way higher not teens lol. Average is 24-25%.

    21 Nov 2023

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    I love the longevity the euphoric effects of this hybrid, yet it’s the indican dominance that makes this one for the books…

    21 Nov 2023

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    Sharp grapefruit like aroma, a throw back by today’s standards. After notes of musky citrus rinds. This batch came in @ 24.6% thc & was sun grown to perfection. This strain shines with brilliance & excellence.

    21 Nov 2023

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