Guava Cake Strain

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The high flavor is likewise just about as outstanding as the flavor, with a triumphant suggestion that will undoubtedly have you in the most effective mindset.

Indica hybrid strain.
70% Indica/ 30% Sativa.
28 to 30% THC levels.
CBD content 2%.
CBN level 1%.

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Guava Cake Strain

Indica dominant hybrid strain created Guava Cake is an evenly balanced hybrid strain understood to emit a relaxed and mood-elevating high. Secondly, Guava d strain Cake tastes exotic and sweet with a slightly natural fragrance.

Crossing a Gold Fallen leaf pheno of Wedding celebration Cake makes this tropical cake strain.

That is to say, Guava Cake is an equally balanced crossbreed strain known to give off a relaxed and mood-elevating high. Therefore, Guava Cake tastes tropical and extraordinary with a slight natural scent.

Crossing a Gold Leaf pheno of Wedding celebration Cake will strain this strain. From the THC %, you currently know you are going in for a genuine hit.

Therefore, it’s very confidential when you Skittles tropical cake strain, know you’re blue went hot, right? With this level, these effects make guava cake the perfect. We see to it your high is guaranteed.


Meanwhile, Guava Cake is an unusual Indica prevailing half-breed strain made to backcross the noteworthy Gold Leaf strain. If you’re searching for a yummy flavor and a lifted Indica-hefty high, you’ve found it with the Guava d strain.

This tasty bud packs a sweet, exotic berry flavor guava and strains into every toke with a softly all-natural breathe-out Wedding Fuel Strain. The odor is sandy and homemade, with a hint of precious items of the soil’s crucial tropical berry tip.

At the start of the wonderful, you’ll feel an inundation of pleasant, inventive energy, filling both subconscious and body with happiness that rapidly transforms giggly and undistinct. Eventually, it takes a soothing turn, berry white strain leaving you floating away before you know it right into a lengthy and calm rest.

Indica Leading Crossbreed 70% Indica /30% Sativa

In blend with its compelling 28-30% typical THC level jungle cake strain. These effects make Guava Cake the excellent bud for treating seasoned patients experiencing problems like sleep starvation, sorrow, relentless pressure, a sick stomach of hunger, misfortune, and constant fatigue.

This Glo cart flavor has spade-molded dim timberland green nugs with extensive golden hairs and a covering of thick purple-colored white gemstone trichomes and jungle tropical cake strain pleasant pitch.

Effects of Guava Cake.

44% of people report feeling tingly.

  • I kicked back.
    44% of people report feeling relaxed.
  • Blissful.
    33% of individuals report feeling blissful.
  • Delighted.
    22% of individuals report feeling happy.
  • Giggly.
    22% of individuals report feeling giggly.
  • Downsides.
    33% of individuals report feeling lightheaded.
  • Dry mouth.
    22% of people report feeling parched mouth.
  • Dry eyes.
    11% of individuals report feeling dry eyes.
  • Headache.
    11% of people report feeling frustrated.
  • Assists with Depression.
    22% of people state it helps with clinical depression.
  • Frustrations.
    11% of individuals state it aids with migraines.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
    11% of people claim it assists with queasiness.
  • Stress.
    11% of individuals state it helps with stress.
  • Anxiety.
    11% of individuals claim it assists with anxiety.

What strain is guava cake?

In conclusion, Guava cake is an Indica dominant hybrid [70% Indica/ 30% Sativa] cannabis strain with a high THC level of twenty to twenty-three percent and a much less than 1% CBD material. An excellent and fruity pressure will result in some impressive harvests.

The terp-heavy blossom will taste and smell like its namesake with an undercurrent of acidity. At the same time, high THC degrees can last hrs. at a time, Indica dominant hybrid strain.

With Hawaiian guava cake, pineapple, and fruit flavors on the nose, prepare for a guava cake flavorful smoke to complete your day.

Guava cake strain genetics.

It was produced as a backcross of the renowned Gold Leaf strain, a phenotype of the wedding cake strain.


Gold Leaf phenotype of wedding tropical cake strain beginning wedding cake strain.

The light and fluffy bud has tapered spade-shaped minty green fallen leaves with transparent amber hairs and a thick frosty layer of beefy white crystal trichomes. The extensive terpene profile and beefy blossoms are dense and very sticky to the touch Zerbert Weed Strain.


Guava cake weed strain is carefully engineered to keep its tropical berry taste while pushing it into pure bliss. Like all guava gel candy products, this one likewise loads a savory lotion cheese combination and uplifted high that will make you happy and entire.

A brand-new strain that integrates the fragrance of fruity guava d strain nectar with deep Indica high qualities of cooled down cake. With an earthy and natural odor and flavor, this delicious bud packs a sweet exotic berry and egg whites overtone wedding pie strain into every toke.

A distinct blend gives off stimulating hot fragrances.

Guava cake strain impacts

It is the best of both globes with a well-placed Indica dominance that plunges you deep into the onset of the high. The practical results come in waves as one sense drifts off and another begins to time-out you deeper. She cradles your mind away from pain while raising an appetite Berry White Strain.

An uplifting end-of-day wristwatch when so much stress bogs down at nightfall– instead, it bills onward like a daytime joy! It is an uncommon and scrumptious strain with uplifting yet deeply soothing mind and body effects. Dry eyes, as well as a parched mouth, are common adverse effects. So have some eye decreases and consume alcohol all set TROPICAL SHERBET CANS.

Clinical advantages.

Guava cake medical marijuana is a mood-lifting, anxiety-relieving, and mind-soothing strain with excellent strength to handle anxiety, tension, lack of cravings, chronic discomfort, and frustrations. The sleepy space-case high may trigger anxiety for individuals new to cannabis. These are pointers as well as are not planned as professional clinical recommendations.

Guava cake strain grows info.

This plant is easy to grow and has a flowering period of about 7 to 9 weeks, with an exterior harvest that can be found in mid-October. A clone-only strain with an indoor yield of twelve ounces per square meter and an outdoor catch of up to eighteen ounces per plant. What makes this such an easy-to-grow product?

It’s a suitable elevation for long and peaceful sleep during Tropical Trip Strain — at just around 100 centimeters (39″) high. Whether grown inside or outside! For the finest outcomes, we advised growing guava cake seeds in warm and moist temperatures that vary with typical trimming …

This plant is simple to develop, mold, and pest-resistant.

Ideal for the Sea of Eco-friendly and Display of Green expanding approaches. We encourage speaking with the cannabis neighborhood for Zerbert weed strain more developing pointers.

Guava cake strain return.

Indoor return is up to 12 ounces per square meter.

Outside return is up to 18 ounces per plant.

This record aggregates data from a selection of Guava cake strain certifications of evaluation.

3rd party certification of analysis gathered from seed banks and marijuana websites.

Marijuana products can just be possessed or consumed by individuals 21 years of age or older unless the individual is a qualified clinical individual. Cannabis usage while pregnant or breastfeeding may be hazardous.

Consumption of these products harms jackfruit and strains your capability to drive and run heavy machinery. Please use extreme caution when eating marijuana products with tropical berry flavor.

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    Very strong indica that’s perfect for evening smoke sessions

    22 Nov 2023

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    Great strain, Heavy hitter. Great taste and BUZZZZZZZZ

    22 Nov 2023

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    Love this strain. Absolutely follows through with what it should do. Works great for depression and anxiety. But doesn’t make you couch bound, at least not yet..

    22 Nov 2023

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