Jack Hammer Strain

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This bud induces the psychological excitement of both jackfruit of its moms and dad strain. Furthermore, blending them together with victory jackhammer lifted energy that makes it ideal for giving you a kick-start on a careless day.

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Jack Hammer Strain

First of all, the Jack Hammer cannabis strain is a 70/30 Sativa hybrid with a high THC standard of 22-26%. Then the victory jackhammer Buds taste sweet citrus as well as spicy herbs. Whereas the scent is more zesty earth 10-pound hammer strain and timber with natural herbs, dirty taxi weed strain featuring a flowery exhale.

Buds are prolonged and tapered with slim orange hairs upon which thickly frosted tawny trichomes are present.

It can deal with depression, jungle cake strain, eye pressure, and frustrations. As well as arthritis victory jackhammer. Finally, a 10-pound hammer strain is Perfect for daytime use.

10 pound hammer strain

You’ll feel an energetic beginning practically instantly after your very first exhale. First of all, the weed strain Jack Hammer cannabis strain is a cross in introducing your mind. Then, into a bright and lifted state that’s jungle cake strain jam-packed full of focus and inspiration.

As the high continues, you will undoubtedly start to diminish psychologically and physically into a state of delighted relaxation that will not leave you sedated or sleepy. Thanks to these effects and its very high 22-26% typical THC level, weed strain Jack Hammer is said to be an ideal skywalker for treating conditions such as glaucoma or eye strain.

Migraines or migraines, skittles cake strain arthritis, epilepsy, and also anxiety.

Sort of High

Jack Hammer has a pleasant citrusy flavor with hints of spicy natural herbs on Gorilla each exhale. The aroma is very honest and spicy, with an herbal, woody overtone that’s fresh and also flowery. This bud has long, tapered, minty, eco-friendly nug birthday cake strain with long, thin orange hairs and also a finish of thick, chilly amber-colored crystal trichomes.

Jack Hammer cannabis strain brings prompt energy and also brilliant buoyancy. Filling the mind Nine Pound with concentrated concentration. This will plateau right into happy serenity, which does not cause Sophie’s trigger drowsiness.


Lineage: between Sannie’s Jack and Amnesia Haze cannabis strain.
Indica/ Sativa Proportion Sativa Dominant Crossbreed (70% Sativa/ 30% Indica).

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    one of my best buys at kushgroves

    22 Nov 2023

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    Awesome strain,hits you right away smooth relaxing buzz ⛽⛽⛽

    22 Nov 2023

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