milk bone strain


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Went to a uk cafe last night, over 15 strains on offer as well as hash, oil and edibles. Such a variety of people in there and was good vibes all around. Wish that it was legal and I didn’t have to travel over an hour for the opportunity for a tasty smoke.

Hybrid 50% Sativa/ 50% Indica

THC: 18%

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Milk Bone Strain

Milk Bone cookies strain is a rare evenly balanced hybrid cherry milk bone strain review (50% Indica / 50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the classic Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut X StarDawg F2 strains. Forget your dog – this treat is totally made for you. Milk Bone strain info brings on a delicious sedative and calming high that will have you couch-locked. And totally immovable for hours on end power plant after just a hit or two.

I have been smoking Master Kush every single night for several months and I have never found another cherry milk bone strain review I like better. Unfortunately i ran out and our dispensaries don’t have it right now. My other night time go to is the GG4. But I just got a new strain I’m trying tonight called MilkBone. Anyone have any experience with it?! I love the Master Kush because it gives me the most amazing body high and I can sleep so solidly.
Milk Bone
Milk Bone

First of all, I can smoke 2 bowls before bed and the more I smoke the more relaxed I feel. Finally, I get nervous trying new strains because of my anxiety, and i don’t enjoy heady highs. I go for heavy Why Colorado Tokers Love Cookies and Cream Indica’s or hybrids. Would love some reviews if anyone has tried this cherry milk bone strain review! Or any recommendations for good strains for sleep would be awesome too!!!

Cherry milk bone strain review

A cerebral lift kicks off the Milk Bone strain info high Purple OG Kush. Filling your cerebral state with a fuzzy sense of calm and ease. This translates into a tranquil feeling of peace, relaxing your mental state and leaving you free of any negative moods or racing thoughts. In combination with its high 18% + average THC level. Milk Bone is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions. Such as chronic pain, Obama Kush Strain cramps or muscle spasms, depression and chronic stress.

This bud has small spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones. Bright orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty purple-tinted crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each sticky little nugget. Then you can detect aromas of heavy pungent fuel and nutty chemicals, all wrapped up in a dank skunky package. The flavor is on the lighter side, with a nutty cookie taste that turns heavy and pungent upon exhale.

Milk is the Sativa-dominant hybrid of Nepali OG and Appalachia. This potent cherry milk bone strain info smells of powder milk and delicate earthy terpenes and layer in a coat of sparkling trichomes.

Cereal Milk has a loud flavor with a sweet milk and ice cream nose that will keep you dipping back into your stash. You can expect dense, quality nugs dripping with trichomes and a potent high.


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