Pomelo Anderson Strain


 FIORE Pomelo Anderson is a rare, slightly Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica/40% sativa) created as a unique phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain.

This hard-hitting bud packs a unique flavour and high THC level into every toke, with a potency that hits. You get terrific fruity aromas with a hint of gas on the back end.

You could still work or function on this fantastic creative euphoric high.

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Pomelo Anderson Strain

Pomelo Anderson is a uniformly well-balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) produced through a three-way cross of the timeless Pomelo X Gelatti X Kush Mints pressures. Named for the cherished starlet, White Cherry Runtz Weed Strain, this bud packs a mouthwatering taste, relaxing high into every curved little nugget.

This bud has a sweet and sour lemon candy flavour with tips of zesty menthol and a touch of sweet exotic fruits. The aroma is similar: a tropical fruity overtone accented by sour citrus and a potent dank menthol strike. The Pomelo Anderson high will undoubtedly hit you minutes later, Gassy Taffy Strain. Starting with a thrill of analytical bliss that has you feeling gently energized and boosted.

Pomelo Strain

At the same time, a gradual building, loosening up the body high, will begin to work out NORTHERN FIORE BUDS. They are aiding you to unwind and settle without too much sedation. They are incorporated with their high 21-25% ordinary THC degree. These results make Pomelo Anderson an excellent choice for treating chronic pain, anxiety or mood swings and chronic stress and anxiety or anxiousness.

This bud has fluffy heart-shaped forest environment-friendly nugs with dark olive touches. Thin amber hairs and a layer of tiny, intense white crystal trichomes trickling with sweet, Gobstopper Strain sticky material.

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