Romulan Strain


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It will create sleepiness and also is best used at night time. With numerous customers asserting it aids eliminate muscle spasms and pain from nerve damage. Expect to have the munchies after consuming this Strain.

Purple Romulan strain is understood to have unwell negative effects such as bouts of fear, wooziness. And migraines when high doses are taken in.

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Romulan grapefruit strain

The marijuana Strain Romulan grapefruit strain is an Indica that gives off ache as well as births a natural, woody taste. When harvest-ready, its buds are quite frosty with trichomes. And also The beginnings of the white Romulan strain currently stay unidentified. It was purchase by a firm call Federation Seeds intends to save the grapefruit Romulan strain from dying out in 1996.

Due to this, grape ape weed the Romulan grapefruit strain was female-only. And also purple Romulan strain had crossed with one more strain:

White Rhinoceros berry white generation seeds Indica dominant. Ultimately, Federation Seeds back-bred the strain enough to make sure that only 3% of White Rhino’s genetics currently exist within it.

Romulan grapefruit strain, normally, gets its name from the aggressive unusual race in Star Expedition. It’s a fitting history. As deep space is the best backdrop white for this Indica strain out of British Columbia.

Grape Romulan Strain

Peaking at 20-24% THC, the purple Romulan strain is fairly powerful. It’s practically pure Indica with a small amount of the Sativa-dominant White Rhinoceros crossbreed. However, wookies weed its complete origins are a secret. The white Romulan strain has a wonderful earthy smell and taste, with hints of yearning and citrus. It produces a deeply relaxed body high with a dreamy, floating experience.

Like all Indica, the Romulan grapefruit strain can be reliable at treating anxiety. Though gelato 33 weed it’s ideal for pain. It’s additionally made use of to treat depression purple and also lack of appetite.

Couch-lock is common when smoking cigarettes white Romulan strain. So finest saved for late nights or rainy days in the house.

romulan strain
romulan strain

Effects grapefruit Romulan strain

This grapefruit Romulan strain is popular in lawful markets in the American West, less so in other areas. Though not specifically a top-shelf strain, grape Romulan strain rates well among users. And also it’s a favorite of numerous medical cannabis individuals. It can be overpowering if made use of in high concentrations.

With feasible wooziness, Animal Crackers paranoia, as well as headaches.

Ordinary THC degrees for this strain are about 16% with some plants reaching up to 20%. It’s referring to as having the ability to “dent your head”. Also, producing ridges comparable to the purple Romulan strain race in Star Trek. This state due to the fact that the high is effective. And also strikes the customer first k2 with a head jungle cake rush that releases itself throughout the body and sedates you right into a couch-lock.

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