Royal Highness Strain


This Sativa-dominant hybrid meets its cult classic moms and dads. Casino and also Respect, in both strength and also result.

Medical marijuana pressures that have a well-balanced quantity of THC.

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Royal Highness Strain

First, your highness strain is Birthed by two extreme demand pressure saves. Can you get high your first time smoking weed, Royal Highness 18 strain? This award-winning bud by Royal Queen Seeds brushes up via the area with an analytical rush. As well as royal highness strain yield supplies, taste so dazzling you’ll desire them between hits. Taking 3rd location in the Best CBD Flower competitors at royal highness carts, the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Mug.

As well as CBD is excellent for those individuals that take the natural herb for medical factors, Yet do not mind the advantages of light high while doing so. The fantastic Royal Highness 18 strain can provide you with specifically Skyhigh Original Carts. Also, a whole lot even more as well as this makes her an exceptional pressure not just for medical individuals!


This cross is between a Dance Hall (a fantastic Spanish crossbreed) and a Respect. The strain with some Spanish origins is effective because of her significant Juanita la Lagrimosa genes. As well as brings some royal highness pressure and important medical possibilities to the table. Allow’s to take a look at her expanding attributes initially.

Royal Highness carts are Sativa-dominant stress (60% Sativa) that will not typically expand. Also, she is taller than 100cm, which makes her exceptional to develop in all types of areas. With a blooming time of 8-9 weeks, kush groves maintain the wait on a plentiful harvest that is still affordable.

When you expand her, you can anticipate superb returns of approximately 600 g/m². So in a traditional interior growth establishing with a 600W expand light. Outdoors, she can produce as long as 475g of some first-grade medication per plant where she maintains the same elevation.

Facts of royal highness strain yield

Royal Highness determines 14% of THC, which is modest if you consider it. There is strain today that sometimes has two times as much or more. Yet indeed, the hardcore pressure certainly would be rare even though about “medical.” Her respectable quantity of THC transpires the same amount of CBD, which does not just cancel her result Grand Daddy Purple. However, this significantly contributes to her medical possibility.

Her impact has a small Sativa note; citral flo strain is evident and energetic with just the tiniest tip of a “rock.” It the excellent so that you can appreciate her practically purple haze marijuana strain at any time of the day. Her equilibrium of THC and CBD produces a perfect smoke; That can assist you with many problems, from alleviating discomforts. And also muscular tissue Purple OG kush strain to help with stress and anxiety, and various other states of mind conditions.

Royal Highness 18 strain is likewise a great strain, Not just for restorative usages, yet can likewise be a great option if you have reduced resistance to THC or enjoy a smoke. That is a lot more on the milder side when it concerns her result. Nevertheless, this implies you can appreciate her much more moon rock weed without being stoned out of your mind simply from one hit!


While her result is currently highly pleasurable and immensely pleasurable, she covers everything with some outstanding flavor. She mixes Haze notes with some Skunky and fruity tones that make for an excellent, pleasant smoke. And also smooth, much like her result of royal highness strain yield!

Royal Highness Carts is an enjoyable vanilla backwoods and also pleasurable plant. She can also supply the complete plan without requiring to visit extremes at all. She can, whether you’re a medical individual or just if you wish to attempt something various for a modification!

With THC levels floating around 14%? Can you get high your first time smoking weed? This high stabilize in its high relaxing qualities? And its capability pure drip carts to energize the mind? These forest eco-friendly nugs supply a pleasant smell of fruit and earth with a slight tinge of skunk. While the flavor taste depends more on the blueberry flavors with excellent tree fruit touches.

The rich purple touches and the complete frosting of lavender trichomes. Make this bud look as fruity as it smells.

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