To The Moon Pre Rolls


5 (1G diamond Dusted Joints)

THCA Infused Diamond Dusted 50% THC

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To The Moon Pre rolls

Thirty jars in a box, five 1-gram joints per jar. Breakdowns available for test runs are ⛽️ Now available for NYC Delivery, The To The Moon Cannabis pre-roll pack comes with five pre-rolls of Skittles Moon Rocks. It has the finest bud from organic non-GMO To the Moon Pre Rolls California flowers.

These strains are hand-crafted to bring out the best flavors, effects, and terpene profiles that help lift you off into space without getting too lost. Choice Labs Disposables.

To The Moon Super tasty full gram pre-rolls are THCa Diamond frosted, Terpene Enhanced, and made from premium indoor, full nug flower infused with Liquid Diamonds. Frost around and find out! To top it off, with Sluggers 5 Exotic Pre Rolls, you can activate the flavor with a simple filter pop.

  • The taste is all in the filter Zaza Moonrocks, while the rolling paper is flavored in other brands.

To use, squeeze and pop the flavor bead before sparking your joint Moon Rock Weed. Once popped, light up the joint and enjoy the smoke passing through the flavored filter.

You’ll get a flavorful hit every time you buy Purple Diamond Strain!

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5 (1G diamond Dusted Joints)

1 Jar, 5 Jar, 10 Jar


*ASSORTED MIX*, Milk Way, Kryponite, Moonwalker, Orbit Oreos, Gelato 51, Milky Way, Pink Starburst


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