Lemon Sugar Kush


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Lemon Larry OG x Double OG Sour

Also, Lemon Sugar Kush is a Indica-dominant hybrid that offers defined notes of sweet lemon icing and sugary fuel with a creative and uplifting effect.

Hybrid 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC: 21% – 24%

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Lemon Sugar Kush strain

First of all, cannabis strain Lemon Sugar Kush strain info is an unusual crossbreed strain for chronic pain. Developed via going across the traditional Larry OG X Double OG strain. In regards to taste, the name states everything with this bud. Mostly, Lemon Sugar Kush strain loads an incredibly wonderful sugary lemon taste with an abundant sour natural exhale.

The scent is really natural and also organic with a sour citrus overtone. That’s highlight by abundant lemon lime as well as 20 sour apple drops fresh ache.

The cannabis strain Lemon Sugar Kush high isn’t rather as vivid as Fruit Punch Strain the taste. With soothing results that are best match for a careless evening in your home when you require a little aid to reach rest. The high beginnings with a refined raised result that loads your mind. With a feeling of indistinct joy and also happiness that can leave you quite giggly sometimes.

As your mind vanishes, lemon cake strain a deeply sedative body high will certainly follow.

lemon sugar kush
lemon sugar kush


Cleaning over you and also waning you right into a state of pure strain that usually finish in a lengthy as well as relax rest. Cannabis strain Lemon Sugar Kush is a citrus-sweet hybrid flower. The high typically starts out calm before unwinding into something sleepier. So grab a blanket and curl up About Us on the couch. Take advantage of this cozy high by watching something funny or running a bubble bath.

Lemon Sugar Kush strain info

With these compelling impacts and also its high 21-24% ordinary THC degree. Definitely, Lemon Sugar Kush strain info claim to be best for dealing with those experiencing problems. Such as persistent discomfort, sleep problems, anxiety, Larry OG aches or muscle mass convulsions, and also persistent stress and anxiety.

This bud has cozy large woodland environment-friendly nugs. With brilliant orange hairs as well as Larry bird gelato a covering of chilly little white crystal trichomes.

A pure Indica marijuana plant (100% Indica), Sugar Kush strain obtains its name from the high trichome matter covering its buds. Its blossoms expand huge and also beefy with small flowers as well as leaves. It launches a pleasant LSD Marijuana Strain flower arrangement when smell Purple OG Kush. As well as when smoked it tastes like natural ache needles as well as scorched hash.

Laboratory examinations suggest its cannabinoid material is someplace in between 18-20% THC typically.

Effects of Sugar Kush

Product Information;

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The thrill from Sugar Kush will certainly bring a smile to the majority of faces. However it will certainly sink also one of the most skilled cigarette smoker right into the sofa. Its suggested for dealing with persistent as well as modest discomfort. Activating an extreme situation of the munchies, battling sleep problems, or alleviating muscle mass strain.

Cottonmouth as well as red eyes are both most frequently report negative effects from Sugar Kush strain. As our committee rates we capture their experience in real time through our ratings app and report everything back here.

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